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A curious curation of goods and wares.

A curious curation of goods and wares.

This trio of wooden air plant holder magnets bring a touch of living greenery to your otherwise cold, lifeless magnetic surfaces.
Keep your coffee or tea hot in style with this sleek and beautifully crafted double-wall insulated borosilicate glass vessel.
Decompress and relieve your back and neck tension with these wheel-shaped, deep tissue-penetrating foam rollers.
Freshen up your front door and welcome good vibes in with this unique, classy wreath handmade from high-quality faux eucalyptus and rosemary greenery on a grapevine base.
Add some character to your hors d'oeuvre station with this cool new wooden maple leaf serving platter.
Old school meets new school with these rugged, all-weather sneaks.
Rest this unique handmade jar on your countertop and your spices will ready for your next pinch or dash.
Laser etched circular grooves on the bottom of the glass create a steady stream of light bubbles to help the beer maintain a proper head, the angled bowl keeps the aromatics close to your nose to delight your palate, and the slender stemmed grip keeps you from inadvertently warming the beer with your body heat.
A rustic wall-mounted rack in the shape of a sculptural tree branch that can hold jackets, handbags, hats, scarves, leashes, towels, robes, necklaces, and more or it can be decorated for the holidays with string lighting, greenery, and ornaments for a festive decorative touch.
No matter whether you're traveling the world, picnicking, camping, visiting friends and family during the holidays, or just entertaining on the back patio, this buffalo tan leather travel bar will come in handy with its collection of bar tools (bottle opener, corkscrew, and tongs), ice bucket, two storage spots for bottles, and pull-out drawer filled with nine drinking glasses.
Made from metal rods forming a conical shape, the cool new Boo Fire Basket is a modern departure from standard metal bowl-shaped pits or regular old holes in the ground.
Stay organized and keep the essentials handy with this magnetic rack.
Available in range of sizes, these double-walled glasses are exquisitely practical.
Express yourself on paper, not in the cloud, with this cool set of gridded notebooks.
This limited edition knife was recreated to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.
Carole King sang I feel the earth move under my feet. She could have if she had these shoes.
Sometimes, the seemingly simplest things work the best and are the most beautiful.
Draft like they did in the past, but without the messy ink bottle.
Goodr sunglasses are stylish, inexpensive and completely cool.
A refined pen for anyone who writes things the old-fashioned way.
This sleek trivet is comprised of nine, linked rectangular stainless steel blocks that shift shapes to elongate or expand depending on the size of your too hot for the tabletop dish.
While the conspiracy of ravens on these cool new Raven String Lights don't have three eyes, they make up for it with each of their glowing LED-powered orange eyes.
It doesn't have to be Valentine's Day to put a little love on display with this cool new Loves Neon Red Heart.
When you're on the go, but don't feel like overpaying for tea from a coffeehouse, break out this cool new Zens Portable Travel Double Walled Glass Tea Set.
The cool new Atomic Age Metal Accent Light gives off a subtle glow with its LED string bulb, which calls to mind radiant, clustered protons.

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