Reclaimed Barn Wood Beam Coffee Table

Reclaimed Barn Wood Beam Coffee Table
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Reclaimed Barn Wood Beam Coffee Table

Handcrafted from thick and massive solid reclaimed barn wood beams, this cool new Wood Beam Coffee Table is sure to survive several lifetimes and beyond, all while imposing a dominating presence amongst all your living room decor. Each table is a one of a kind creation that can weigh over 500 lbs and be custom built to various sizes. If you love the idea of built to last... look no further.


  • One of a kind piece - Only a few each year will be available
  • Reclaimed barn wood beams are used to create a thick, massive coffee table
  • Specify the height you would like
  • Weight: 500 lbs
  • Plan on putting this one in the will as it will be passed down for generations
  • Various sizes available

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