Black Metal Spider Taper Candle Holder

Black Metal Spider Taper Candle Holder
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Black Metal Spider Taper Candle Holder

This Halloween, illuminate your haunted home or party with flickering candles using these seasonally appropriate cool new Spider Taper Candle Holders. If you have a bad case of arachnophobia, you had steer clear of these eight-legged creepy crawly candle holders. Each arachnid is hand-welded from midnight black-finished metal and holds a standard taper candle on its back. Best of all, these giant black spiders won't spin annoying cobwebs all over the house, create panic by running quickly along a baseboard just in the corner of your eye while you're watching tv, nor hide under the toilet seat... Yeah, I worry about that. 🕷️


  • Eight-legged taper candleholder helps you bring an eerie glow to your Halloween party
  • Hand welded from metal with a finish as black as night
  • Holds a taper candle, sold separately
  • Size: 10" Diameter x 10.5" H - .51 lbs

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