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Himalayan Salt Cone Vertical Chicken Roaster

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Himalayan Salt Cone Vertical Chicken Roaster

At your next backyard BBQ this summer, skip the typical "beer can up the chicken keister" roasting method and check out this cool new Himalayan Salt Cone Vertical Chicken Roaster instead. Slowly heat this unique Himalayan salt cone on your grill to between 300°F and 400°F, place a chicken on top, and when it's finished roasting (much less time than a traditional rack), your chicken should be extra flavorful and juicy with a subtle, salty taste. Himalayan Salt is rich in trace minerals, helps preserve the natural juices of the bird, and is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. After roasting, simply rinse off the cone with warm water, scrub with a brush if needed, quickly pat dry with a paper towel, and let it air-dry for 24 hours between uses. Hmm, sometimes writing up these posts gets me mighty hungry.


  • Cook up an especially flavorful chicken in less time than a traditional rack
  • Rich in trace minerals, it adds subtle, salty flavor while preserving the natural juices of the bird
  • Stainless-steel holder creates a stable, protective base
  • Naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and easy to clean - requires no cleansers
  • Preheated cone cooks chicken more quickly than with a traditional rack
  • Low moisture content makes it especially adaptable to high heat
  • Can be used repeatedly until it eventually diminishes with use
  • Slowly increase heat to medium for approximately 30–45 minutes until the cone reaches optimal temperature between 300°F and 400°F
  • When the cone has come to temperature, use heat-safe gloves to place your chicken on the cone
  • Salt Cone: 2.5" Diameter x 5.75" H - 5 lbs
  • Holder: 5" Diameter x 1.25" H - 1 lb 11 oz
  • Salt produced in Pakistan - stainless-steel holder made in China

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