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Aqua Chill - Salad and Fruit Serving Bowl

/   |  By: Jennifer Castro

Aqua Chill - Salad and Fruit Serving Bowl

Living / Bowls   |   By: Jennifer Castro

With its freezable, bottom disc insert, this new Aqua Chill - Salad and Fruit Serving Bowl is literally cool. Simply pop the disc into the freezer a few hours before eating, transporting or serving, and your food will be nice and chilled after you snap the disc back onto the bottom of the bowl. At 10-inches in diameter, the aqua-colored bowl is the perfect size for potlucks or gigantic appetites. As an added bonus, serving utensils are conveniently snapped into the lid so you'll never have to manhandle your pasta salad (or cereal) again.


  • Removable freezer disc
  • Hand wash
  • Material: polypropylene
  • Measures: 5.25" H - 10" diam.

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