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Authentic American Chestnut Roaster

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Authentic American Chestnut Roaster

By: Michael K  |  Under: Cook / Cookware

We've all been hearing about chestnuts roasting over an open fire our entire lives, but never, ever have I attempted to roast them this way, mainly because I've never known how. Well, mystery solved... at least for me. Handmade in Richford, VT, this Classic Chestnut Roaster is an authentic stainless steel chestnut roaster that has been handcrafted in America for nearly 200 years. Just load the basket with up to 60 chestnuts that have been carved with an X, use the long handle to shake it over an open fire, slide the perforated top open to fill your home with that iconic Christmasy essence, and when the score marks begin to curl away, they're ready to munch on after they cool down and the shell is removed. Sure you could cook roast them in the oven, but open fires are always much cooler.


  • Classic chestnut roaster that has been handcrafted in America for nearly 200 years
  • Handmade in Richford, VT with domestically sourced materials by America’s oldest cookware companies
  • 3.5 Quart stainless steel basket holds approximately 60 chestnuts
  • Sliding perforated top enables the nuts’ natural scent to fill a home with an aroma that has captured the essence of Christmastime for centuries
  • 4.5" long handle with a wooden grip provides safe handling of the roaster
  • Easily shake the chestnuts and achieve an evenly cooked Christmas treat
  • Size: 24.25" L x 7.75" W x 3.75" D - 2 lbs

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