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Salt And Pepper Switch Shaker

Salt And Pepper Switch Shaker

Salt And Pepper Switch Shaker

Keep this Salt And Pepper Switch Shaker on the table and add a bit of tactile fun to spicing up your food. Just flip the switch "on" to the corresponding marking ("S" for salt and "P" for pepper) to dispense your preferred seasoning from the holes at the end of the switch box. Careful though, you might have so much fun toggling the switch that you'll end up over-salting or over-peppering your food!

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  • This shaker comes one to a package.
  • The shaker is made of ABS plastic.
  • This single-piece salt and pepper shaker features a switch to alternate between dispensing salt or pepper.
  • "S" and "P" are printed on each end of the switch toggle to indicate which spice you're dispensing.
  • Each shaker is packaged in a clear display box.
  • Recyclable clear giftbox packaging
  • Salt and pepper dispenser

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