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Kittikubbi Cat Bed Cave Hideout

/   |  By: Jennifer Castro

Kittikubbi Cat Bed Cave Hideout

Gear / Pets   |   By: Jennifer Castro

Give your cat a cozy, cool place to nestle with this handmade Kittikubbi Cat Bed Cave Hideout. Made from all-natural wool by artisans in Nepal, the bed is durable and stain-resistant. Your cat will love stalking you from within the confines of this super cool, pebble-like enclave.


  • Each cat bed is carefully handcrafted from 100% all-natural wool by artisans in Nepal
  • Using an ancient fabrication technique called felting, every cat bed is individually molded using only soap, water, and pressure
  • Completely free from harsh chemicals and synthetic fabrics
  • Super soft and comfortable resting place for your cat, no matter what the temperature may be
  • Wool is an insulating but breathable fabric that will keep your cat warm in the winter but cool in the summer
  • Can be used as a cozy hideaway or flattened into a relaxing padded mat
  • The KittiKubbi is durable and stays clean as wool naturally repels odor, dirt, and stains
  • Safe and non-toxic both for your furry friend and for the environment

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