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Fujiyama - Mount Fuji Sauce Dish

/   |  By: M K

Fujiyama - Mount Fuji Sauce Dish

Food / Drink / Serving   |   By: M K

The cool new Fujiyama is a fun sauce dish for sushi that's shaped like Mount Fuji at 1:80,000 scale. Spicy wasabi is placed in the volcano's crater and soy sauce is poured in the lake-like basin in front of the mountain. Clever design and makes a unique gift for sushi lovers.


  • Small Dish for Soy Sauce with the Shape of Mount Fuji
  • The scale was reduced to 1:80,000 and the function as a small dish for soy sauce was added.
  • If wasabi is put on the crater and soy sauce is poured into the basin ahead of the mountain, a soy sauce lake is made.

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