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Savone Divided Bubble Plates

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Savone Divided Bubble Plates

Food / Drink / Dining   |   By: M K

These cool new Savone Divided Bubble Plates By Chiaki Murata are unique porcelain plates inspired by the natural formation of bubbles and feature overlapping patterns that serve as independent serving sections to keep food, condiments, and sauces stylishly separated. Sure to impress at your next dinner party or similar soirée and perfect for serving up sushi. Available in various sizes: Four Plate, Three Plate Long, and Three Plate Large.


  • Designer: Chiaki Murata
  • Keep your sauces and condiments stylishly separated with these beautiful serving plates
  • Overlapping patterns and polished finish are inspired by the natural formations made by bubbles
  • Stylish serving plates are perfect for sushi, or any food with sauces and condiments
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Made in Japan
  • Three Plate Long: 7.3" W X 3.5" D X 0.7" H
  • Three Plate Large: 8.3" W X 6.0" D X 0.7" H
  • Four Plate: 8.8" W X 3" D X 0.7" H

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