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Glass Cloche Terrariums

/   |  By: M K

Glass Cloche Terrariums

Living / Plants / Garden   |   By: M K

These cool new Glass Cloche Terrariums let you dabble with decorative indoor gardening by putting easy to grow succulents and cacti under domed glass. Each cloche has a hole on top for proper ventilation and rests on a glass base that holds soil or stones. It's perfect to use as a table centerpiece, on your desk at work, or any spot that needs a unique natural accent. It's also great for displaying your curiosities as well.


  • Vintage-style Glass Cloche Terrariums
  • Put succulents, cacti and other curiosities on display
  • Use as a centerpiece or cluster together to create an indoor garden
  • Glass cover and base
  • Cover has a small hole for ventilation
  • Round Base Short: 4.4" Diameter x 7.6" H
  • Round Base Tall: 6.1" Diameter x 12" H
  • Square Base: 5.2" W x 9.4" H

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