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Smartphone Mic

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Smartphone Mic

Gear / Phones   |   By: M K

When you capture HD videos with your smartphone or tablet, wouldn't it be nice to have high quality audio to go along with it? Simply snap on this cool new Smartphone Mic into your smartphone or tablet's audio headphone jack and let it capture and amplify the sound for a much cleaner and clearer recording. The only downside is if you still shoot in portrait mode instead of landscape, which makes any video horrendous and nearly unwatchable, despite the great sound.


  • Lightweight, snap-on microphone for smartphones and tablets
  • Turn your smartphone videos into fantastic footage by adding high-quality audio
  • Captures and amplifies conversations, background music, applause and ambient sound
  • Attaches to any smartphone or tablet via 3.5-mm audio jack
  • Amplifies sound for clearer recording
  • Size: 0.5" Diameter x 1.33" L

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