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Hand-Knit Children's Bowling Set

Leisure / Toys / Games   |   By: Jennifer Castro

Hand-Knit Children's Bowling Set

Who remembers the colorful, hard, noisy, plastic bowling sets from our youth? This Hand-Knit Children's Bowling Set is a soft, toddler-friendly throwback to an old classic. The update features fresh green and aqua shades and comes complete with a knit ball and six soft pins that are poly filled with plastic pellets to keep them weighted down until they're tossed about. The knit surface makes it easier for toddlers to grasp and helps them work on their hand eye coordination. Just get ready to be the official pin setter - for more fun (and endangerment of breakables), set the pins up with no rhyme or reason and see what your kid can knock down.


  • Classic game can be enjoyed by kids and grownups
  • Helps develop hand eye coordination and motor skills
  • Includes six soft pins and bowling ball
  • Cotton shell, poly fill and plastic pellets at base of pins
  • Hand knit
  • Pins measure: 5" W x 9.25" H

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