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Limited Edition Supersense Instant Pinhole Camera

Limited Edition Supersense Instant Pinhole Camera

The remarkably cool, limited edition Supersense Instant Pinhole Camera was handmade in a batch of only 500. The camera has a unique folding, accordion-like design that produces different artistic results depending on how far you extend the lens. Choose from a .12 mm pinhole, .24 mm pinhole, or 5 other lens positions with varied lengths. Using Impossible brand film, the camera allows you to be as serious or as fun as you want with built-in instant gratification.


  • Handmade
  • Requires 600 or SX-70 type square format instant film from Impossible
  • Numbered limited edition camera
  • Hand-printed certificate of authenticity
  • Exposure calculation chart sticker
  • Quickstart manual
  • USB charger
  • Settings: .12 mm pinhole, .24 mm pinhole, plus 5 positions with varied lengths

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