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The Gourmet Trotter - Mobile Luxury Picnic Cart

The Gourmet Trotter - Mobile Luxury Picnic Cart

The Gourmet Trotter - Mobile Luxury Picnic Cart

Pack and tote along everything you need for a day at the park with the luxurious Gourmet Trotter mobile cart. The three, numbered compartments are stocked with glasses, silverware, napkins, plates, and bowls with room to spare for your food and beverages. Using hidden magnets, the ingenious stackable system straps to a golf trolley to easily and securely get your goods to where you're going. The set not only provides you with the basics for a great picnic, but it also includes bonus items like salt and pepper shakers and a tool with a bottle opener and corkscrew. Now all you need to do is wrangle up a friend or two and some vittles and you're ready for a first-class picnic.

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  • Made up of three detachable modules
  • Dining accessories for up to 4 persons
  • Designed and manufactured to the highest standards
  • Uses a golf trolley to transport its elegantly furnished compartments
  • Modules are held together by a unique hidden magnet system
  • Units are numbered with brass door badges
  • Modules can be separated and used as convenient individual tables

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