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Tom Dixon Cog Candelabra

Tom Dixon Cog Candelabra

Grace your table with this beautifully engineered Tom Dixon Cog Candelabra. Each piece of the 4-taper candle holder is carved from solid blocks and tubes of aluminum and then machined on a lathe for perfect, centered symmetry. You can't help but admire the stark simplicity of this modern, yet industrial piece of usable art.


  • Geometric candelabra
  • Observes the age of British engineering with its precise manufacturing
  • Four tapered candle holders
  • Carved out of solid aluminum blocks and tubes
  • Machined on a lathe, by using traditional machine cutting and knurling tools
  • Pieces are polished, brass plated, buffed, and finished with lacquer
  • Materials: Aluminum with bronze plating
  • Measures: 7.1" L X 10.2" H

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