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Native Union Lightning Night Cable

/   |  By: Jennifer Castro

Native Union Lightning Night Cable

Gear / Gadgets   |   By: Jennifer Castro

Don't let gravity keep frustrating you - keep your charger cable exactly where you want it with this simply smart Native Union Lightning Night Cable. Made from tangle-free, braided nylon cable, the cord comes in an exciting (read: not white) variety of colors: bright red, deep blue, or zebra striped. The pièce de résistance of this cable is a neat, hand-tied knot that slides along the cord and works as a weight of sorts keeping the otherwise snaky, slithery, slip-sliding-away cord in place. Grab this cord and say goodbye to the days of cursing and crawling on all fours under your desk searching for your elusive, just-dropped end of your charger cable. This cord is also 10 feet long so you'll no longer be so tightly tethered to the wall outlet while charging and using your device.

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