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Personalized Ceramic Liquor Decanter

Gear / Barware   |   By: Jennifer C

Personalized Ceramic Liquor Decanter

Let your brew breathe with this Personalized Ceramic Liquor Decanter. Choose from three different personalization styles: sleek, simple monogrammed, boxy, structured "premium aged," and modern outlined "reserve." Available in glossy red and matte black, the decanters are made from ceramic stoneware and feature a classy zinc alloyed spigot. Utterly cool, these one of a kind decanters are perfect to commemorate milestones, birthdays, or the pure enjoyment of a good, well-deserved drink.


  • Choose from matte black or red glossy
  • Zinc alloyed spigot
  • Stoneware ceramic decanter
  • Capacity 1.5 liters

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