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Molinillo Mexican Hot Chocolate Frother

Molinillo Mexican Hot Chocolate Frother

Make hot chocolate the old-fashioned way with this traditional Molinillo Mexican Hot Chocolate Frother. Each frother is handmade in Mexico and is one of a kind. You can ditch the chocolate syrup because the kit comes with six, 2-inch square chocolate tablillas to add to your milk. Once the chocolate is melted, you place the molinillo into your pot of hot chocolate and rotate the stem back and forth between your hands. The result is frothy, chocolatey goodness.


  • Hand wash
  • Darkens with use
  • Simply place between your two palms and rotate in the pot of hot chocolate for a cafe-worthy finished product
  • Includes instructions for use
  • Comes with 6 chocolate 2-inch sqauare tablillas
  • Use 1 square per cup of hot chocolate or enjoy as candy
  • Handmade in Mexico
  • Measures: 12" - 14" L x 2.5" W

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