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Bougies Russes Hurricane Lamps

Bougies Russes Hurricane Lamps

Bougies Russes Hurricane Lamps

Designed by Stephan Lanez, the hand-blown, frosted Bougies Russes Hurricane Lamps are modeled after Russian nesting dolls. They come in six sizes ranging from about 7 inches to 15 inches tall and each one is the perfect diameter to nestle into the next biggest one. Each lamp has a solid ash wood base to cradle the included candle. Mix and match sizes, if you like = they would work well as centerpieces or outdoors to provide instant ambience and warmth to your gathering.

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  • 6 candle lamps sold separately
  • One candle is included with each lamp
  • Can be displayed separately or one inside of each other
  • Made from hand blown tinted glass
  • Base is made of natural solid olive ash wood
  • Inspired by Russian Matryoshka dolls
  • Designed by Stephan Lanez
  • Manufactured by Paris-based brand Marcel By
  • Ideal for a centerpiece or outdoor patio decorations
  • Measure: 6.75" H x 3" diam.; 8.5" H x 4" diam.; 10.75" H x 5" diam.; 12.75" H x 6" diam.; 14.5" H x 7" diam.; 16.5" H x 7.75" diam.

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