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Priority Bicycles

Priority Bicycles

When you just want to ride a bike to go somewhere and get something, check out the ultra-functional, super practical Priority Bicycles. The bikes are made from high quality materials with the goal of being fun to ride and virtually maintenance free. The frame features an upright geometry for a more comfortable, back-saving ride and is made from lightweight, rust-proof aluminum. You can choose from a step-through or traditional diamond frame shape depending on your standover height. Perhaps the coolest feature is the belt drive that powers the bike (with the help of your muscles). Unlike a regular metal chain, the belt drive requires no lubrication and does not rust. If your route is a bit hilly, no problem, the bike also features an internal hub three-gear system and evolved backpedal braking. In addition to puncture-resistant tires, you also get a bonus kickstand, waterbottle cage and tire pump. My advice? Just get it and ride - no spandex required.

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