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The Canadian Rain Barrel

The Canadian Rain Barrel

The Canadian Rain Barrel

The Canadian Rain Barrel is a year-round rain-catching solution. It is constructed in Canada, hence the name, using a rotational molding process that makes it exceptionally durable and capable of withstanding temperatures down to -40º F. Though it's made of super tough plastic, it resembles earthenware and won't stick out like sore thumb (or barrel) when combined with your existing landscape. It features a rust-proof screen with a safety grid to ensure that debris and critters keep out. When you're ready to water your plants or lawn, just use the barrel's brass spigot or attach a hose and use your reservoir of Mother Nature-provided water.

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  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Canadian-made
  • Can be left outdoors year-round
  • Will not crack in temperatures down to -40º F
  • Rotational molding process gives it exceptional strength
  • Resembles an earthenware urn
  • Blends seamlessly with a home's exterior
  • Comes with rust-proof screen with a secondary safety grid
  • Brass spigot
  • Can connect to an 8 foot hose
  • Overflow spout directs rainwater away from barrel to prevent pooling
  • Drain plug
  • 35.5" H x 23.5" diam. - 18 lbs.- 55 gals.

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