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Field Hammock by Studio Toer

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Field Hammock by Studio Toer

By: Jennifer C  |  Under: Gear / Outdoors

The Field Hammock by Studio Toer makes for a comfortable and unique place to relax for a spell. Designed to look and feel like a real patch of grass, its designers created the hammock for relaxation and, at the same time, to raise the issue of humanity's need to control our natural environment, in particular, our affinity for perfectly manicured lawns. It will definitely make for a conversation piece! The hammock has durable polyester straps and two carabiners for easy set up between two trees or other sturdy vertical objects. It's perfect to bring along for cat naps or lounging in the sun with its ultraviolet ray and water-resistance. And since the hammock is made from grass-like synthetic polyamide pile fabric, you won't have to worry about grass allergies or creepy crawly bugs!


  • Combines the slow movements of a hammock with the relaxing feeling of lying in the fields
  • Refers to the human wish to control nature by mastering lawns
  • Blends the notion of nature and artificial, inside and outside
  • Displays the control humanity got over the fields
  • Easily hang anywhere using two carabiners
  • Hangs from durable polyester straps
  • Two hardwood poles keep the mat in place
  • UV ray-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Made of multicolored grass-like synthetic polyamide pile fabric

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