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Cloud. Interactive Lamp

Jennifer Castro
Jennifer on 07-17-2014 in Lighting

Cloud. Interactive Lamp

Jennifer Castro
Jennifer on 07-17-2014 in Lighting

The Cloud. Interactive Lamp is part artwork, part speaker system, and part light show. Made from hypoallergenic fiberfill that was felted onto a sponge casing frame, each Cloud. is custom made. Suspend it from the ceiling or a beam and it senses your presence, creating a lighting and thunder show to mimic your movements. Beyond the cool light show, it can also stream music via Bluetooth to shower the room with sound. You can even set the Cloud. to react to your music or just enjoy the ambiance of its nightlight mode. Operating on the Arduino platform, the creators have made the Cloud. program open source for you to use or improve upon. There's also a lamp only option if you love the look of the Cloud., but don't need all the awesome bells and whistles.

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  • Music-activated visualizer and suspended speaker unit
  • Custom made to order
  • Small wireless remote controls cloud functions
  • Powerful speaker system via streamed music
  • Unique lightning and thunder show dictated by movement
  • Able to adapt to the desired lighting color and brightness using color-changing lights
  • Using motion sensors the cloud detects a user's presence
  • Alternative modes such as a nightlight and music reactive mode
  • Operates on the Arduino platform and code is open-source for free use and improvement
  • Input voltage 110-240 volts at 50-60 Hz
  • Available options: interactive lamp and speaker system or lamp only
  • Lamp only option features a powerful Philips LED dimmable bulb
  • Materials: felted hypoallergenic fiberfill on a sponge casing frame
  • Measures: 28" x 14" x 13"

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