Annapolis Lighthouse Red Roof Birdhouse

Annapolis Lighthouse Red Roof Birdhouse

Annapolis Lighthouse Red Roof Birdhouse

The Annapolis Lighthouse Red Roof Birdhouse is fashioned after the famous Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse in Chesapeake Bay. A Maryland and District of Columbia icon, the original lighthouse was built in 1875 and features a signature red roof circled with gables. This miniaturized version is not quite a navigational aid for sailors, but it does house two nest boxes with 1 1/4" openings for feathered friends to come and go as they please. Complete with a removable base, the birdhouse is well-ventilated and can be easily cleaned. It also features a custom-fit mounting plate so the house can be installed on a standard wooden 4 x 4 or wooden fence post. This will no doubt be the fanciest piece of bird real estate on the block.



  • Based on the historic Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse that is located at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay
  • Two nest boxes with 1.25" openings
  • Removable base for yearly cleaning, drainage, ventilation
  • Custom-fit mounting plate makes installation to a standard wooden 4 X 4 or fence post a snap
  • Unpainted interior
  • Materials: Wood, MDF and polyresin
  • Size: 16" H X 13" W X 13" D - 5 lbs
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