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Doggyride Novel - Dog Bike Trailer

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Doggyride Novel - Dog Bike Trailer

By: Jennifer C  |  Under: Gear / Pets

Safely take the pooch out on your next bike ride with the Doggyride Novel Dog Bike Trailer. You already know how much your dog loves sticking their head out a car window - this will be an even more tongue-wagging, ear-flopping good time for them. This lightweight, aluminum trailer has a universal hitch to mount to your bike's rear axle and a main compartment that is spacious and has a top hatch so your dog can have a 360 degree view of his or her surroundings. So, now you no longer have to worry about keeping your dog on a leash while you perilously pedal with one hand.


  • Universal hitch attaches to rear axle
  • Two section roof-front opening for different size pet needs and 360 degree view
  • Lighter weight aluminum alloy frame
  • Roomy interior cabin with stable and cleanable anti-slip floor
  • Zip-on side window rain screens to protect your dog from the elements
  • Rain/dust front layer to protect pets' eyes
  • Seat position and tow bar alignment designed for safety and stability
  • Headrest cushion on edge of front opening
  • Convenient pouch and water bottle holder in rear
  • Side support designed to prevent leaning to rotating wheels
  • Lowered center of gravity for optimal stability
  • Quick release wheels for easy conversion and folding
  • Holds up to 120 lbs. of pets, with shoulder height up to 26"

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