The Wooden Necktie

The Wooden Necktie

The Wooden Necktie

Made from reclaimed California Redwood, The Wooden Necktie will not succumb to gusts of wind or unwitting dips into your food. Made to look like one continuous piece, the tie is actually comprised of 12 separate pieces of wood bound together with elastic, which ends in a loop that adjusts around your neck. No two ties are alike and they can come in horizontal or vertical grained layouts. The wood is finished with Linseed oil to protect the wood grain and keep the tie from staining when you inevitably spill coffee on it.



  • Reclaimed, re-shaped, and re-finished from California Redwood
  • Salvaged from tunnels, bridges, and barns in the Bay Area
  • Looks like one continuous piece
  • 12 segments strung on a length of elastic cord
  • Dressy, distinctive look
  • May exhibit vertical or horizontal grain
  • Each is unique
  • Adjustable elastic cord fits most neck sizes
  • Finished with Linseed oil to highlight and protect the wood grain
  • Measures: 21" L x 2.75" W x .25" D - 3 oz.

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