Impress Coffee Brewer

Impress Coffee Brewer

Impress Coffee Brewer

With triple-walled insulation, the Impress Coffee Brewer makes it easy to enjoy piping hot, freshly brewed coffee on the go. The portable press takes only 3 minutes to brew coffee goodness. Just add your coffee grounds and hot water to the outer cup and press the inner container downward. The unique micro-filter traps the grounds at the bottom of the cup, which not only keeps grounds out of your mouth, but also stops the brewing process to keep your coffee from getting bitter. Now, you can skip the lines, paper cups, and plastic lids and brew your favorite blend as you head out the door.



  • Unique micro-filter separates grounds from finished coffee
  • Triple-walled insulation
  • Brews in 3 minutes
  • Easy to clean
  • Capacity: 14 oz.

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