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Prep Pad Smart Food Scale

Prep Pad Smart Food Scale

Take the guesswork out of counting calories and measuring portion sizes with the Prep Pad Smart Food Scale from the Orange Chef Company. The scale syncs with the Countertop App to provide at-a-glance insight into what exactly you’re ingesting. Just place your ingredients on the scale, input what kind of food it is – whether homemade or name brand – and you’ll get information about your food’s nutritional value based on its weight (which will replace your vague idea of what you might be eating based on the label). So, bon appétit, eat up, and chow down!


  • Smart food scale that gives you real-time, graphic insight into the food you eat
  • Makes it easy to plan meals, personalize nutrition goals and customize ingredients to reach your dietary objectives
  • At the touch of a single button, it wirelessly pairs with the Countertop app to help you navigate, save and share
  • Vibrant graphic illustrations of proteins, carbs, fats and other nutrients let you instantly see how they impact the nutritional balance of your meal
  • Countertop app pulls from a database of over 300,000 foods to provide a complete picture of your meal or snack
  • Top surface is made from a durable recycled paper composite that easily wipes clean and can be sanitized when needed
  • Carved from a single piece of aluminum, this scale is compact enough to be stored anywhere
  • Weighs up to 15 lb. (6.8 kg.) of food at a time
  • NSF-certified scale meets the high-level hygiene standards for professional kitchens
  • Personalize the Countertop app and the Prep Pad to fit your goals using simple settings and profile preferences
  • Adjust your meal by adding or removing ingredients and fine-tuning portion size to easily reach your personalized goals
  • Compatible with iPad® 3 and 4, iPad mini™ and iPad Air™
  • Designed in California and made in USA
  • Size: 6.5" x 9" x 0.75" - 2.7 LBS

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