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Cuppow BNTO - Canning Jar Lunchbox Adaptor

Jennifer Castro
Jennifer on 04-08-2014 in Lunch

The Cuppow BNTO - Canning Jar Lunchbox Adaptor is an ingenious little 6-ounce cup that nestles into the top of a canning jar to create two separate food compartments for a snack or meal when you're out and about. Think about it. Some food shouldn't touch other food, until just before it goes into your mouth: chips and salsa; cereal and milk; salad and dressing; other dry food and other wet food. You get the idea. The BNTO adaptor is made from 100% recycled materials and you use it in a reusable container. (Almost) needless to say, if you want to eat food and help reduce waste, this is definitely the way to go.


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