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Wintercraft Globe Ice Lanterns

Wintercraft Globe Ice Lanterns

Wintercraft Globe Ice Lanterns

This Winter, illuminate the snowy wonderland around your home with these festive glacial spheres filled with the flickering fire of a candle or LED bulbs if you want them to last longer. All you need is water, a freezer, and this handy Globe Ice Lantern Kit to easily make up to 6 of these hollow ice balls (3 small, 3 large). Not only do they look cool lighting up the outside along walkways, driveways, or as surreal snowman head replacements, but they could also be used as unique tabletop centerpieces, frozen serving/punch bowls, or anything else you can dream up. A few drops of food coloring make them even more creative.

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  • Make gorgeous lanterns out of frozen water
  • Everything you need to make 6 lanterns (in 2 different sizes) in your own freezer
  • Includes: 1 Detailed Instruction Guide, 6 Premium Heavyweight Balloons, 6 Clean-burning Candles, 3 Easy-close Clips, 2 Small Freezing Bases, 1 Large Freezing Base, and 1 Insulating Disk
  • Small Globe Ice Lanterns: approx. 7-8" diameter will last about 5-8 hours (using LED lights could double these times)
  • Large Globe Ice Lanterns: approx. 11-13" will last about 12-24 hours (using LED lights could double these times)

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