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Concealable Door Storage Cabinets

Concealable Door Storage Cabinets

Concealable Door Storage Cabinets

If you have too many things and not enough space in your bathroom, kitchen pantry, or any other room with a door, then check out these Concealable Door Storage Cabinets. These slim, space-saving, and adjustable shelf cabinets easily attach to an existing door's hinges, allowing them to hide behind it when not in use or swing out when needed. Hmm, I think just about every door in my home could use these. Available in two sizes.

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  • Customizable and concealed behind-the-door storage cabinet
  • Gain space and eliminate clutter in your bath, pantry, or craft room without remodeling or adding furniture
  • Patented connection system cleverly attaches to your door's existing hinges
  • 35" H cabinet offers three adjustable shelves and retention rods
  • 70" H has one fixed and six adjustable shelves and retention rods
  • Shelves measure 3-1/4" thick each
  • Moisture-resistant glossy white finish
  • Nickel-plated stainless steel hardware
  • Requires a door with three hinges

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