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SIGG Wide-Mouth Aluminum Sport Water Bottle

/   |  By: Jennifer Castro

SIGG Wide-Mouth Aluminum Sport Water Bottle

Living / Water   |   By: Jennifer Castro

I know that filling a water bottle isn't rocket science, but some bottles do make it easier on us than others. Cue the SIGG Wide-Mouth Aluminum Sport Water Bottle. Unlike other reusable water bottles, even some by the same manufacturer, this bottle has a generous wide mouth opening that makes pouring your beverage of choice into it so easy that you might even be able to do it with reckless abandon - plus the opening is even wide enough to accept ice cubes with ease. It also features an active sport bottle top that prevents leaks, an active grip design, has a leach-proof inner lining that keeps its contents fresh and pure, is completely BPA- and Phthalate-free, and holds up to .75 liters.

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