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Pistachio Nut Serving Bowl

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Pistachio Nut Serving Bowl

If you're a crazed pistachio fan/addict, then you'll go nuts for this Pistachio Nut Serving Bowl. This nut bowl uncannily resembles a giant pistachio shell, except this nut doesn't require an agonizing struggle to crack open. It easily opens and splits into two separate bowls for serving up nuts on the one side and collecting the empty discarded shells in the other. If you're out of pistachios or other tasty shelled nuts, it's also a great solution for olives and pits, cherries and seeds, candy and wrappers, or whatever else fits inside.


  • Uncanny resemblance to a real pistachio nut
  • Beige on the outside, green on the inside - just like a real pistachio nut
  • Ingenious design: Serve nuts in one half; discard shells in the other
  • Much easier to open
  • Also great for olives, cherries, sweets and anything else that fits
  • All the fun of the pistachio without the agony of opening them
  • 100% dishwasher safe melamine

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